Friday, June 9, 2017

The Cygolite Bicycle LED Headlight

When you need a bicycle headlight it is crucial to have a good one. A quality one. And one that works great. Cutting corners on the price and you could wind up in a dangerous situation. Trying to get by on the cheap is just not worth it. Reliabilty is worth gold. And I have found an excellent product that is not only a quality one but one that is super bright. Introducing the Cygolite Expilion Series LED Bicycle Headlight.

The Cygolite Expilion 350/400 series bicycle headlight is a product that features an internal Li-lon rechargeable battery that connects to either a wall outlet or your computer port. Also features 7 lighting modes and a integrated Low Battery & Charging Status indicator for battery awareness. This is a 350 lumen output light. Charge time is 5 hours. Cygolite headquarters are in California. Info on the box is: All Cygolite Products are designed and assembled in California with their commitment to quality and craftsmanship (they do not specify where they are manufactured).

The items include the headlight, rechargeable Li-Ion battery, USB cable (40") for charging light, mounting bracket, and AC wall charging adapter. The low battery indicator is in the power button. It shows a steady green light when the battery is fully charged. As the battery runs low, the green light will flash quickly to indicate that there is approximately 10-15 minutes of power left. When charging the green on/off button on the top of the light blinks as it charges. Pretty cool. And when the button stops blinking, the light is fully charged. This eliminates any quess work on the light status. These are great features of the product.

Here you can see the headlight and the rechargeable Li-Ion battery. The light unit is 3.75" long. The battery pack is 2.75" long. The battery easily slides into the flashlight. Line up the arrow on the back of the battery and the arrow on the back of the headlight. Push in firmly and twist clockwise to lock battery. The words Cygolite should read straight horizontally when locked. Make sure battery is completely twisted tight. Now you are ready to charge unit.

Cygolite lighting systems come with a one year limited warranty against any defective part or craftsmanship. The lamps and batteries are warranted 30-90 days after the original date of purchase (Dependent on the specific light system) This light has certainly met and exceded my expectations. I can't wait to try it out on the tunnels at the abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike. Update: I have been using these lights at other places, and they regularly stay in my car for months at a time without charging. The lights still keep a brightness as good as being removed from charging. I'm very please with my investment. I would highly recommend these. Thanks for stopping by.